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Health-e Bytes Newsletter

The October-November 2013 Edition of 
Health-e Bytes™

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  • International Rally for Liver Disease Awareness
    November 1, 2013
  • HFI in the Know...
    — Thelma Thiel Honored by National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable
    — HFI Launches Powerful Live-R-Die© DVD
    — Upcoming HFI Events / National Health Observances
  • Lifestyle...
    — HIV and Hepatitis Risk for Steroid Users
    — Fatty Liver Among Children Rising
    — High Cost of Addiction Centers
    — Triglycerides And Your Liver
    — Dramatic Progress In Fight Against AIDS Reports United Nations
  • Grand Rounds...
    — Success of Taiwan HBV Immunization Program
    — Patient's Own Blood Used as a Vaccine
    — Hepatitis E Alert in Great Britain   
    — Embryonic Stem Cells Used to Develop Liver C
  • In the Pipeline...
    — AbbVie Oral HCV Trials Gets Expedited Review by FDA
    — New Test for Liver Cancer
    — Test For Fatty Liver   
  • Helping Hands... Workplace Giving
  • Advocacy Alert: Promote Physical Activity in the Workplace!
  • T.I.PS. — Free Healthcare Resources and Information