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    Before you were born, your liver made your blood. Now, it refines and detoxifies everything you eat, breathe, and absorb through your skin.
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    Your liver is your body's internal chemical power plant, converting the nutrients in the food you eat into muscles, energy, hormones, blood clotting factors and immune factors.
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    To keep your and your family's livers healthy you should eat a good diet, exercise, and get lots of fresh air.
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    And most importantly, avoid the things that can cause liver damage -- excessive alcohol, particularly when taken with drugs and medicines, and environmental pollutants.
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    Your liver needs your help each and every day to keep it healthy and hepatitis-free. Your liver isn't just your silent partner – it's your best friend.

Welcome. The Hepatitis Foundation International is dedicated to liver health and the prevention of liver related diseases. We inform and educate by making available reliable and up-to-date facts. We want you to make well-informed decisions for yourself and your loved ones' health and well-being. We are proud to present this website as your personal Internet gateway to hepatitis information and liver care.

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Depression, Mental Health, HCV Infection; Sorting Out the Diagnostics; Recent Advances
in Hepatitis B
Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hepatitis C

NOTE: Continuing education credits provided for participating
nurses, physician assistants, and addictions professionals.





HFI Board of Directors Appoints
Ivonne Perlaza Fuller as CEO

The HFI Board of Directors has appointed Ivonne Perlaza Fuller as the organization's Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Fuller, who will also serve as a director on the organization's Board, assumes leadership of HFI following an exceptional career in the public health and business sectors. She has held positions as CEO, Think Outside The Box, LLC, Co-Founder and Board Chair, Third Millennium Health COOP of DC, Assistant Professor, Allied Health Sciences Department at Howard University, and most recently as HFI's Executive Vice President. Ms. Fuller has consulted on Capitol Hill as a Senior Policy Fellow with the Harvard University Policy Institute. Ivonne also formerly served as Associate Executive Director of the National Medical Association. Ms. Fuller was nominated for the 2013 White House Champion of Change in Public Health and Prevention and recognized as a Community Leader in Who’s Who of Washington, DC 2010. Ivonne is a nationally registered prevention professional and her academic background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in International Business and Spanish Studies and a Master’s Degree in Public Health Administration.

"Ms. Fuller is the clear choice to take HFI into the future," Chair Thelma King Thiel explains. "Ivonne has a unique combination of strategic and operational skills, a significant turnaround track record, international experience and great leadership ability. Given her consistent track record, we have great confidence that under Ivonne’s leadership HFI can successfully grow and expand. I know she has great plans for HFI’s future." [ Read the full release ]

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