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Fat – One of The Liver's Worst Enemy  

One out of 5 Americans is estimated to have a fatty liver that can lead to cirrhosis.  Obesity and nutrition are hot topics being addressed today from many points of view. Unhealthy choices in diet contribute to the risk of obesity.

"Would you ever put bacon grease in the engine of your car?" asks the Liver Lady, Thelma King Thiel. "Yet, you put French Fries, greasy burgers and beer in your engine – your liver – and expect it to work effectively 24/7." 
Prevention begins with knowledge.  Sadly, few people are aware of the important work of the liver in processing everything consumed. They are oblivious to the detrimental impact an impaired liver has on their lives: their ability to think, to have strong muscles and bones, to digest food, to fight germs and viruses, to recover from illnesses, and other health-related issues.  Millions of lives and trillions of healthcare dollars could be saved if individuals knew why and how to avoid liver damaging behaviors.
This miraculous organ and its liver cells are responsible for converting the food we eat and what we drink into hundreds of complex chemical reactions that keep us alive and healthy. The fatty foods and sugary or alcoholic beverages consumed can damage liver cells which turning into scarred liver tissue called cirrhosis.  
Choosing foods and drinks to support a balanced and healthy diet is important. Besides limiting fat intake to 30% or less of total daily calories, avoid refined, rapidly digested carbohydrates (such as white bread, white rice, and concentrated sugar.) Reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages.  In partnership with a commitment to regular physical exercise activities, smart diet choices support liver wellness and increased overall health.
The Hepatitis Foundation International is a voluntary health agency in Silver Spring, MD is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors and the prevention of liver related diseases.

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Thelma K. Thiel